Navori QL Software Training

Over the years I have trained and helped hundreds of Navori software users.  My relationship with Navori has been ongoing for more than 10 years and the reason is quite simple.  I truly enjoy using the software and teaching people how to use it.  The user interface is clean (some might qualify it as “sparse”) but it’s what makes it so appealing when your typical digital signage software package requires days and weeks of training.

So if the Navori software’s user interface is so simple and easy to use, why should your purchase training services?  While its true that QL Manager features a simple and elegant interface, its features can run quite “deep” so you won’t get as much out of the software unless you get a thorough walk-through with a professional training specialist.  This is where I come in.

I provide live, one-on-one training using Skype and Join.Me sessions.  There is no limit to the number of persons who can attend these sessions and we can customize the training according to your needs.

I also provide a structured training curriculum which is broken down into two levels.  The Navori QL Professional Introduction is meant to provide a complete walk-through of the QL Manager interface.  We cover all major feature of the Navori software during this session.  A minimum of 2 hours is required for the Introduction.

The Navori QL Professional Advanced training session covers all the technical aspects of the software as well as some more advanced features (for example, the Advertising module).  During this session we go in-depth and re-visit some of the more complex features of the QL Templates and Ticker modules.  A minimum of 2 hours is required for this session.

Navori QL is a complete digital signage solution.  The software is available in Professional and Express versions.  People who wish to receive training on the Express solution can book a one hour introduction where we cover the basics of the software.

Additional training can be ordered by the hour.  I have done many Q&As and I recommend these as follow-ups to any training session.  Folks who have had the opportunity to use the software will often have questions after a few days so it’s always a good idea to have a short Q&A session to make sure everyone knows how to use the product.