How to instantly delete accumulated content on any QL Player (on premise version only)

IMPORTANT: This tip is only valid for users of Navori’s On Premise software.

Navori QL includes a player “auto-purge” feature which ensures all expired or deleted content gets removed from the PC or Android device’s storage device.  This feature is activated in the QL Manager software’s Player Technical Profile.  It’s recommended you activate this feature for all your QL Players, but what can you do to purge all content on Players that don’t have this feature enabled?

Follow the steps below.

First, you must activate the content purge feature on the Player you want to free up more storage space.  You will need to make sure you pick a time setting in the near future… let’s say 10 minutes from now and you will enter this parameter as follows:

  1. To change the technical profile, select MENU > Tools > Player Technical Profile. Profiles are set once and then apply to multiple players.  The software is delivered with a Default profile.  If you did not create other profiles, you can create a new temporary profile to resolve this specific player issue because if you edit the Default and all your players use this profile, the settings you will change will apply to all of them at their next update.
  2. If you decide to create a new temporary profile, click the + button and then give this new profile a name.  Otherwise you can directly edit the selected profile.
  3. Next, select Purge Unused Content.  Click Enable.  Select the interval (for this purpose, select 1 – DAY).  Pick a time 10 or 15 minutes from the current time.
  4. Click OK to save your changes. NOTE: If you create a new profile, you must also configure a default media content otherwise you will see this alert when you click OK:
    Once you have assigned a default media you can save your new profile.
    * This step is not necessary if modifying an existing profile.
  5. If you modified the DEFAULT profile, go to step 6.  Otherwise you will need to double click on the Player name to open the Player Properties window and then click Technical Profile. Select the new profile and click OK to save your settings.
  6. You must now delete all the programming from the current date or week until the end of the program period.  To see how long you have programming for, use the arrows at the top of the planning grid to look at the future weeks and months.  Otherwise you can simply pick a date far in the future for the end date. Next, right click on any day of the week (in a white space, not on a time slot).  Select Delete > Period.
  7. Select the end date for the period you wish to delete.  Click OK to delete the programming until this period.
  8. This will empty out the programming grid.  All current and future scheduled content has now been removed from the program.
  9. You are now ready to push an update to your Player.  If you push an update to multiple players in the currently selected group, they will stop playing all programmed content and show the default media. All the media files on the player’s hard drive or storage media is now removed.

You can now program new content and send an update to your Player.

Only the newly programmed content will be stored on the Player.