How to re-enable Microsoft Silverlight on Chrome so you can launch QL Manager

Google Chrome version 45 has removed support for Microsoft Silverlight and this plugin is required in order to access the QL Manager user interface.  Without Silverlight, Chrome users are no longer able to login and use the Navori QL Manager software.

To regain access, users have two options:

Option 1: Switch to another web browser.  Internet Explorer or Firefox are the obvious alternatives as both web browsers continue to support Silverlight.

Note: Microsoft Windows 10 users cannot use the new Edge browser as it does not currently support plugins.  I am told this will be enabled at some point in the future but it wasn’t the case at the time of this writing.

Option 2: Download and install the IE-Tab Chrome plugin.  This plugin will allow Silverlight to function in a separate Chrome Tab. You can download the IE-Tab plugin from this URL: