Chrome and Android OS to merge

The latest news from Google had me scratching my head.  Google had quite a large presence at DSE 2015 and Chrome OS and Chromeboxes were front and center.  There were many third party software developers who were showing their solutions adapted to run on the Chrome OS and it looked like this was going to become the company’s “official” digital signage platform.

While Android has been very popular with digital signage solution providers, the OS lacked some key features such as remote device management.  What it had going for were an abundance of super-cheap devices and ease of deployment but that would only carry the OS so far.  You could easily see that without some form of remote device management feature, the future of Android in digital signage seemed bleak.

So this recent announcement that Google was abandoning the Chrome OS, essentially merging it with Android, is good news for everyone.  This probably means Android will gain some of the Chrome exclusive features and you can bet remote device management will be one of them.

The future is looking a bit brighter today if you’re an Android fan!

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