DSE 2016 Observations

If I go by the traffic that we saw at the Navori booth, this year’s digital signage expo was another big success.  I noticed there were more hardware integrators and LED billboard operators than I have ever seen in past shows.  Lots of smart questions too.  It’s a sign the industry is maturing and folks are better informed than ever before.

Navori was showing off it’s newest Android player and we talked about the next version of the QL Manager software which will be delivered in HTML5 later this May.  QL is a mature software platform so I’m expecting to see the same, easy to use user interface as we currently have now.  The big advantage will be not having to rely on Microsoft Silverlight which is now only supported by Internet Explorer and Firefox.  Switching to HTML5 will mean we can now use any browser on any platform.

I had the chance to do a couple of quick video interviews with the folks at RAVE (not looking to quit my day job anytime soon…):



I didn’t have a lot of time to check out the rest of the show but what I saw looked pretty similar to last year.  A few of the big software companies were missing from the floor (talking about you, Google) but I’m told they had booked meeting rooms instead.  I guess it beats having to pay for a booth and everything that goes with it.

Next year, DSE moves to a different hall and the show will take place later in March (29-30).

DSE is a “must see” if you’re new to the business or just thinking of deploying a digital signage network.  It’s one of the few opportunities you will have to meet all the major software and hardware folks in one location.  Vegas is the perfect venue for this show with its huge LED billboards on the strip, casino wayfinding kiosks and airport video walls.  You won’t find a better showcase for digital signage technologies.

I’m already looking forward to next year!



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