Stratacache acquires Scala… Now what?


This morning my inbox delivered news that Stratacache has acquired Scala.  This is certainly good news to many Scala users who saw the company struggle in the last few years.

This announcement isn’t a total surprise.  Scala’s declining trade show participation in recent years and the recent departure of key executives seemed to indicate something was coming.

Stratacache has been on a roll lately and this acquisition will help propel them even higher.  Stratacache gets access to Scala’s IP and distribution channels which will certainly help their bottom line. Will the Scala brand continue to exist as a subsidiary and left to do their own thing or will their products simply get rebranded and folded into Stratacache’s own product lines?

Scala has a fiercely loyal following so it will be interesting to see if Stratacache decides to maintain the brand or replace it entirely.  There are lots of folks who have built their business on Scala who would be really unhappy to see the product go away… (will Scala scripting become a “lost art”?)

It’s too early to speculate on how this will all play out but the Scala brand is still respected by many so it would be a shame to see it disappear.

Industry observers have been speculating for years about an impending digital signage market consolidation.  Who knows?  Maybe this is the beginning…

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