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A while back I wrote about Infocaptor.  They were one of the first dashboard software products that I had seen and I was really impressed with its features and affordability.  I’m glad to see they are still around and the product has continued to evolve.

Infocaptor is a great all around BI tool that lets you create smart dashboards out of your existing data.  The software is relatively easy to use and you have access to an entire library of layouts.  You can cycle through the many available styles until you find the best one for your type of data.

The software is available as downloadable product but they also offer a cloud based service.



Infocaster supports many data sources, including CSV and Excel files.  Their website is worth a look and you will learn a lot about data visualization.

The product is packaged in such a way that you buy only the features you need.  For example, there is a single user licence that will let you import data from Excel and flat files.  This is great for small business users who don’t need full database compatibility.  After all, why pay for something you may never use?

The cloud version is currently offered at $29 a month, including 60 minutes of consulting which sounds like a steal.

As one of the testimonials on the Infocaster website goes, It isn’t often you find a product that has the two cardinal virtues: a price that is an order-of-magnitude below the big players in the field, and a development team that really listens and responds to customer feedback and requests. “InfoCaptor is such a product”.

You can output charts in various formats, including HTML5 and you can take the software for a spin without creating an account (check it out here).  It’s basically a “canned” version of their cloud offering that lets you access the various features and see the results in real-time.

Infocaster supports most digital signage products by publishing a public version of the live dashboard (note: a “public viewing licence” is required for this).  With this feature enabled, you can set dashboards to auto refresh and specify the refresh interval.  This is how you display live and accurate information across an entire display network.

In my opinion, Infocaster remains a great data visualisation tool for digital signage users.  It’s affordable and has all the features anyone could want.  It’s definitely worth a look.


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