Business intelligence dashboards are worth looking into

Digital signage applications are constantly evolving, and the latest “hot” trend is business intelligence dashboards (BI).  Companies are constantly looking for better ways to gather and present internal data.  The goal is to deliver useful insights to stakeholders so they can make better decisions.

Digital content designers are taking notice.  For example, ConnectedSign recently released a new set of BI dashboards for corporate applications.  Early on, ConnectedSign recognized the need for professional design esthetics in digital signage content development.  Over the years, the company has gained a long list of corporate and government clients who have come to rely on their design expertise, so focusing on BI dashboards made perfect sense.ConnectedSign home pageConnectedSign designers built a library of templates that are geared towards business professionals.  With this new offering, businesses of any size can take advantage of the same tools used by Fortune 500 corporations.  These BI dashboards let entrepreneurs,  business managers, and staff receive critical information in real-time so they can react quicker.

Well designed BI dashboards make critical data jump out, so people notice and pay attention. Insights that used to be buried inside spreadsheets and databases can be interpreted using colorful charts and graphics that command attention.  Alerts are displayed when specific thresholds are met, triggering eye-catching visuals that prompt the viewer to act (sales below expectations, inventory levels abnormally high…).

BI Dashboards can also reward good performance, highlighting a particularly good quarter or well executed promotional campaign.

Any business can benefit from this type of content.

Full disclosure… I work with the ConnectedSign team.


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