Digital Signage Expo is right around the corner, are you going?


Spring is Digital Signage Expo time.

For me, spring means two things.  It’s almost boating season, and it’s time for the Digital Signage Expo!   While it’s still too early (and cold) to start polishing fiberglass, late March is the perfect time to head down to Las Vegas to catch up on the latest new digital signage technologies.  It’s also a great opportunity to  meet up with clients and partners.  Since most of my interaction happens over the phone or Skype, it’s nice to spend some face time and talk shop.

I attended my first Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas back in 2008.  I also attended the DSE “East” Philadelphia show the same year.  To say DSE has grown since then would be an understatement.  While the DSE East shows were discontinued, the main show in Las Vegas has kept marching on, and it’s still growing today.

It’s a tribute to the strength of our industry that many of the big names in the business are still around and exhibiting after all these years.  Of course, some exhibitors have had a few rough years (looking at you Broadsign), and there have been mergers and acquisitions (Scala – Stratacache, etc.).  Over all, the digital signage industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, and there is a constant stream of new products that bring constant innovation to the sector.

Then there is the city.  Las Vegas is the perfect venue for a digital signage show.  It’s a real-life showcase for LED and every other type of display technologies you can imagine.  It’s inspiring to see what can be achieved when you have the budget.  If you haven’t been to DSE yet, I urge you to consider making the trip.  Everyone in our industry is there and the show is totally focused on digital signage.

There are other, larger shows but DSE is still the place where you will find the latest trends in digital signage technologies.

If you’re coming to the show, be sure to swing by the Navori booth (1929) on March 28 and 29.

Come on over and say hi!


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