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Navori QL adds support for LG webOS


Navori recently announced they now support LG webOS devices. QL Player for webOS is the latest version of the company’s media player software. As with other QL Player versions, this software is based on Navori’s proprietary graphics engine and adapted to the webOS platform.

The QL CMS software supports a growing list of hardware devices, from Windows PCs and Android devices, to System-on-Chip displays from several manufacturers.

Navori will be showing off their QL webOS compatible player software at the ISE show in Amsterdam this February 5 to 9.

Why System-on-Chip?

SoC displays are popular for the following reasons…

  • It’s easier to install an integrated SoC display compared to other solutions that require multiple components. You don’t need to mount the media player hardware separately and you don’t have any hanging wires (other than the display’s own power cable). You also save a lot of time because there is only one component to install.
  • Modern SoC displays feature more powerful components. You get much better performance, in some cases on par with external Android media player hardware. SoC displays can handle video and other “heavy” content better than the first generation models.
  • You pay more for a SoC display compared to a “dumb” TV. However, the cost compares more favorably if you factor in the latter’s need for an external media player (Android or Windows), extra cabling and media player mount.

Some will say the SoC display’s weak point is having to replace the entire display if there’s a problem with the built-in media player. While that may be true, the fact is these products are well engineered. Especially the Pro versions which are built for 24/7 use. I would be more concerned about the display’s backlighting than the media player hardware. Nevertheless, it’s something you need to be comfortable with.

Why Navori QL?

Navori QL has lots of great features, but I think the software’s availability on so many platforms is what makes it special. While some CMS offerings support some features on some hardware, Navori has made the effort to port over as many features as possible for each new device. In fact, most features carry across all QL player versions, from Windows to Android, and SoC. If a feature is missing, it’s because it’s simply not available on that hardware. Navori engineers make sure the QL Player software operates in a predictable way on every device. Each platform gets its own version, optimized for that platform.

It takes more time and effort to roll out each QL Player version but the results are worth it. End-users can manage large networks of players, confident the results will be the same regardless of the device or operating system at the other end.