Navori Labs introduces new Android media player


Navori Labs is introducing a new, more powerful Android media player for 2016.  The QL StiX 3500 will be available with 16GB of data storage, upgradeable to 32GB.  The “stick” form factor means this device will be easy to hide behind any screen and installation is a cinch.  Just plug the unit in any available HDMI and USB port.

The device supports WiFi and cabled connections for easier integration in corporate environments.

This is not your typical consumer grade Android media player. The QL StiX 3500 offers 4K support and a 16 core GPU so you can expect performance that will surpass many PC based players.  When you also consider this device supports TeamViewer, there is even less reason to use a PC for your screen deployments.

It’s important to note the Navori QL software platform supports PCs and Android devices natively making it very easy to manage mixed OS environments through a unified user interface.

The QL StiX 3500 will be shown at the upcoming ISE Amsterdam and DSE Las Vegas shows.

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