Still using Flypaper for your content?

Flypaper was a neat software program that let you build rich multimedia content with zero programming.  You would save your projects as an interactive Flash app or a video clip which made it a great tool for digital signage and wayfinding.  Flypaper even supported external data through Google docs integration.  Sadly the product was discontinued on May 2015 by it’s current owner, Trivantis Corporation, leaving Flypaper users out to fend for themselves.

flypaper_xAt least, the software kept running even though many of it’s advanced features stopped working almost immediately.  You could still launch Flypaper but it wouldn’t connect to Google docs anymore. However, the built-in weather feeds still worked as did many other features which meant you could still edit old projects and even create new ones.

You would get the odd error prompt while launching the app, but it still worked…  as long as you didn’t try to reinstall the software.  You see, when Trivantis closed down Flypaper, they also shut down their license activation servers which means you can no longer activate a new copy of the software.  It doesn’t matter if you own a valid licence.  You can’t transfer the software to a new PC or reinstall it if you have a serious hard drive crash.

Trivantis is still in business but it’s focused on eLearning now.  Too bad they couldn’t keep the Flypaper licensing servers running.  It’s one thing to stop offering customer support but not letting registered users reinstall the software is pretty sad.

So here’s a warning to every Flypaper user still out there.  Your software may still run today, but it may not work for long so it’s time to move on.

Time to find a different solution!


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