Floating digital billboard annoys Vancouverites

Would anyone want to be subjected to this eyesore?

It seems like our industry is constantly looking at new places where we can stick a digital sign or billboard.  While I welcome screens in elevators, restaurants and public spaces I get a bit annoyed when someone tries to circumvent local regulations to stick a large LED billboard or sign where it doesn’t belong.

Case in point, this week’s CBC report of someone parading a 12-meter LED billboard along the Vancouver waterfront.  Seems the vessel on which the billboard is attached to has since been impounded by Transport Canada pending an investigation to ensure it meets all required marine regulations.  This means Vancouverites may yet be subjected to the floating billboard once the vessel gets cleared by the authorities.

It’s stunts like these that give the digital signage and DOOH industries a bad name.  Vancouver has strict signage laws in place, not unlike many other large cities around the globe.  If we’re not careful, law makers will use these extreme examples to restrict some of the more mainstream and useful digital signage installations.

While many cities have very restrictive regulations, others are much more permissive (I’m talking about you, Las Vegas!).  But Vancouver isn’t Las Vegas so it’s important to keep in mind all local regulations before launching your next “big idea”.

I just shake my head when I hear stories of someone putting LED signs on boats, on top of luxury cars or other crazy stunt.  I can’t help but wonder how this will impact our industry.  It’s one thing to be creative but there has to be a point where common sense kicks in.

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