Navori partners with Seneca to deliver turnkey digital signage solutions

The Seneca HD Media Player can be ordered with Navori QL software re-installed and ready to go.

Navori Labs has recently announced a partnership with Seneca to bundle the company’s QL Player software with Seneca’s industrial grade media players.  This agreement will see Seneca deliver a turnkey experience for ease of installation and simplified maintenance.  Navori Labs customers will be able to choose which version of the Navori QL software to pre-load (QL Express and QL Professional are both supported).

This is great news for AV integrators and corporate customers who can all benefit from Navori certified hardware for their deployments.

The Seneca HD Media Player offers significant improvements over similar products such as:

  • 100% solid state, fanless design
  • Internal power supply (no external power bricks!)
  • Triple display support out of the box
  • Locking Mini DisplayPort outputs
  • 5th Generation Intel Core i3 or i5 processors with Intel HD Graphics 5500 video
  • Supports 4K display resolutions

The QL Player software activation only takes a few seconds which really helps speed up installations.

This is an ideal product for digital menus, information boards and other multi-screen commercial applications.  The fanless design is especially useful for installation in harsh environments since there are no moving parts to gum up and jam.  The internal power supply is also a nice touch as it’s one less component hanging outside the case.  This just makes for tidier installations and increases overall reliability.

Looking forward to seeing the Seneca players in action at DSE Las Vegas.

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