HP launching powerful multi-screen capable mini-PC

HP has recently announced a new Xeon-powered mini-PC that may be attractive to folks deploying digital signage for multi-screen menu boards.  The company refers to the new PC as a mini workstation with Intel Xeon CPU and NVIDIA Quadro graphics card.

HP multi-screen capable mini-PC

HP mini-workstation

The case measures only 2.3 inches tall, making it easily mountable behind a display.  The unit features a custom cooling system that is said to be 63 percent quieter than HP’s current business-class mini PCs.  These are interesting specs for anyone considering a solid digital signage PC.

You will be able to order one with a lower-class CPU, like an Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 and different RAM and SSD storage combinations depending on your needs.  Prices are said to start around $700 USD and ramp up depending on the configuration.

This small form factor PC may offer a really good alternative to many industrial PC brands that have been active in the digital signage market.  It’s hard not to ignore HP’s support and service infrastructure when you’re planning a national deployment.  It will be interesting to see if HP can make inroads into this market.

Click here for the full engadget review.

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