Seenspire launches Social Media Wall

Seenspire is a European firm that specializes in developing attention-grabbing, and high-impact digital signage content.  The company already offered some really good digital signage content but this new product takes them in a whole new direction.  The Seenspire Social Media wall fills in a gap that has been underserved in the marketplace.

For example, most CMS software vendors and paid content providers offer varying levels of support for social media content.  Some products will let you display social media content from specific sources but you can’t preview or curate the content.  This is why Seenspire created a new product that includes professionally designed layouts, a preview feature, and a sophisticated content curation system.  You can apply a range of filters to any social media feed, then curate the content yourself or let the Seenspire social media system filter the content based on your parameters.

You can filter social media posts based on hashtags, or pick from a range of options to ensure only approved content gets displayed on your screens.  This content plays well with most CMS products out there and the solution can even be used on its own, assuming your’re only publishing social media feeds on your screens.  It’s not a total replacement for a good CMS product, but it offers enough features you could use it on it’s own with a full screen browser.

It’s a great solution for retail stores, hospitality, social events and trade shows.  Social media is a hot trend right now so anyone looking for engaging and relevant content should check it out!


Seenspire Traditional Digital Signage Paid Content

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