System on Chip display offerings are expanding

Is it time to consider System on Chip displays for your projects?

System on Chip

With SoC displays, digital signage operators and network owners have more options than ever.  As reported by David Haynes on the Sixteen-Nine blog, Sharp is adding a bunch of new Android powered System on Chip displays to their product assortment.

These new displays are light, extra-bright, and offer many network options through a MINI OPS port where you can plug-in adapter cards for wired or wireless networks.

SoC displays have come a long way.  Newer models feature content playback hardware that matches stand-alone Android players.  This has prompted CMS companies like Navori to develop proprietary software for SoC hardware that performs like any other media player.

While some vendors have opted for a web browser based experience, Navori has been especially good at developing a hardware specific version of their existing software.  This lets them retain virtually all the features of their Windows and Android players on SoC hardware from supported manufacturers (EloTouch, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung/Tizen, Sharp, including their upcoming support for LG WebOS).

SoC advantages

  • Ease of deployment and installation.
  • Cleaner installations with no external devices or wires hanging behind the display.
  • Lower acquisition and operation costs.
  • Enhanced support for remote control and display monitoring.
  • Professional-grade hardware rated for 24/7/365 operation.
  • A single vendor for warranty and service.

If you are deploying single digital signage displays, be sure to check out SoC products.  Current models are up to the task, and will cost you less than a traditional PC/Android device + digital display.

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