Navori CMS adds “Insane” content playback capabilities

Navori IPR player software in action

Your average Digital Signage CMS might support Full HD, or even 4K… but what about 8K? Enter Navori with its latest 64 bit media player engine. The IPR, or “insane playback rendering” engine supports up to sixteen full HD displays (that’s also four 4K displays, or a single 8K display).

With this new offering, Navori makes it really easy to drive very large video walls and high-resolution displays using mixed hardware platforms. You get the familiar Navori CMS dashboard that’s super-easy to learn and use, and you can manage a mix of PCs, Android devices, and System on Chip displays without giving it much thought.

Many software developers focus on specific types of hardware, and some even support multiple devices. But there aren’t many products that can offer the same experience across all supported devices and operating systems.

From the beginning, Navori has produced native software that’s optimized for the target platform. They just don’t believe in taking shortcuts. The result is a more predictable outcome regardless of the hardware you choose. The same features are supported across the board, whether you’re deploying an Intel NUC PC, a Samsung Tizen display or a Navori branded Android device.

Navori’s latest IPR media player is a great example of a company that reinvests in R&D to deliver more innovative products.  The Swiss company constantly updates its software and expands its capabilities, basically making it “future proof”.

The IPR player is an example of Navori’s commitment to constant innovation.

Navori QL IPR is a 64-bit Windows software optimized for ultra-high resolution content playback.  You install the software on a single device and all your content is shown fully synchronized.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a mix of videos, images, or HTML5 since the player sees the total screen area as a single unified backdrop. Content can be positioned anywhere… spread across multiple screens or inside zones positioned on each screen.

You can be as creative as you want.  You’re never locked into a static layout because each template can have it’s own unique design.  Just set your content validity, then add each template to your playlists and publish to your screens. 

Navori will be featuring the IPR player at the upcoming ISE show in Amsterdam, February 5 to 8 and at the DSE show in Las Vegas, March 26 to 29, 2019.

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