Navori simplifies digital signage updates with new mobile device support

Update your digital signage displays anytime, anywhere…

Navori has announced the upcoming release of it’s next generation digital signage CMS software. QL v2.1 will introduce mobile display updates from any iOS and Android device.

This builds on the previous versions remote control app that let QL end-users trigger content remotely. With this new version, Navori goes one step further by letting people upload snapshots taken from their smartphone and perform more complex tasks from any location.

Remote updates can be a real time-saver for anyone working out in the field, or those who work with the public like retail sales people and QSR managers.

Folks who don’t have easy access to a PC or laptop can make changes on-the-fly using a smartphone or tablet. They can change content, rearrange playlists and perform many advanced tasks that used to require a full desktop UI.

Who else can benefit from this app? People who work in car dealerships or appliance stores can call-up product-specific content while answering customers questions. QSR managers can make quick programming changes to respond to customer demand or to deal with competitive pressures.

Navori will be demonstrating the new QL 2.1 features at the ISE expo in Amsterdam in February, and at the DSE in Las Vegas at the end of March.

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